Yesterday in this space I wrote about Karlie Kloss’s reaction to people asking her about Ivanka Trump (she responded “I’ve tried” to someone who asked her about it). After that, Tavi Gevinson, actress, writer and founder of Rookie, took to Instagram stories to call Karlie a “Resistance Barbie” (LOL) and point out that KK has been vague and evasive about her relationship with her in-laws, avoiding the conversation by citing “political differences.” Tavi says that’s not nearly enough and that Karlie should have publicly stripped Ivanka of the social capital she desperately craves. Tavi’s points are solid and beyond that, so is her position to know about all the players here. Tavi may not be a household name, but she is absolutely a known and sought-after name in Karlie’s circles (like fashion). This is not Tavi looking for likes; she has been doing this for a while, once tagging Derek Blasberg, Dasha Zhukova, and Lauren San Domingo (who owns luxury clothing etailer Moda Operandi) in her comments to Karlie in the past.  She’s been on their necks and you can bet that people so obsessed with money and status will absolutely take her criticism more seriously than they would a stranger on Twitter. Also this morning, Vanity Fair theorizes the Trump and Kushner name will be nuclear waste from here on out. I want to believe that – I really do! – but I don’t have that much faith in the audience and media’s appetite for this family, which has proven to be voracious. Remember when they brought Sean Spicer out at the Emmys after he lied, with gusto, for months and months? Now he’s a commentator on a far-right infotainment network. 


You know who’s been suspiciously quiet? Wendi Deng!!!!! She is not going to abandon Ivanka, no way. (Also long-time friends with Ivanka and Wendi? Hugh Jackman and his wife Deb Furness.) 


“Seinfeld” has been trending on Twitter for hours and it’s a knot I need to untie: Britney Spears’ ex-husband Jason Alexander (the one she married in Vegas for like a day) was at the GI Joe cosplay riots in DC and someone took his picture and jokingly photoshopped Jason Alexander from Seinfeld into it and it’s been making its way around on Twitter. (For the record, Seinfeld Jason Alexander has been anti-45 since day one.)

Now I’m not looking to start any trouble with the Beckhams (they seem to have had a solid lockdown as a family) but Brooklyn Beckham and his fiancé Nicola Peltz have been a little quieter lately. They still follow each other on Instagram but the posts and the comments, which were typically “i would die for you thank you for being my forever” have been much less frequent. Something or nothing?


US Weekly is reporting that Gwen Stefani was granted an annulment by the Catholic Church, which must be a relief for her as it has been in the works for years. And it seems like a good sign that just a few months after they get engaged, it finally comes through. 

Have you watched the third season of Cobra Kai yet? It’s a pretty quick binge watch of 10 episodes (some just half an hour) and, like the first two seasons, I found it enjoyable. Not all TV has to be prestige. If you would like companion material, Brian Moylan, Real Housewives Institute founder, is recapping for Vulture (this is the first episode) and I’d highly recommend an episode with a recap chaser. 


I understand why we have to wait for Zola but it doesn’t mean I’m happy about having to wait for Zola.