Sofia Vergara is pretty committed to her aesthetic – you don’t see her change it up a lot in terms of hair, makeup or red carpet choices. She’s feeling crazy this summer. Maybe her next dress won’t be mermaid style!


New haircut 😁gracias !!#kellyklain💇🏽

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How did all these people end up on a boat together? Diane von Furstenberg.


Part of the funnest group ever ! Bye Tahiti !

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Rachel Zoe and her husband had lunch with Net-a-Porter founder Natalie Massenet and her boyfriend, Erik Torstensson, the co-founder of Frame denim (he does many other things, too). Natalie is someone who, if you don’t read fashion trades, you wouldn’t hear a lot about. Yet she has set the absolute platinum standard for online shopping. Everyone that has followed has tried to match Net-a-Porter’s excellence, from the fit guides to the fast shipping (even in Canada!) to the selection. Did you know when the site first launched, Anna Wintour refused to cover it? Yet she gave Blake Lively a cover for Preserve.


Sunday night supper with 💕 @nat_mass @eriktorstensson #grateful #friendsthatarefamily #summer2017 🍷🍝XoRZ

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A very rare Jennifer Lawrence sighting on Instagram.


Gals i luv @amyschumer #jenlawrence

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You know in Jessica’s defense, why would you call a brand of tuna by another food name? It seems like a risky marketing plan. (And they should be sending her an elaborate gift basket every year for all the free marketing they’ve received.)



It happens to the best of us @wholefoods

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I think Kathleen would be interested to know that Zac Efron commissioned a portrait of Chance the Rapper. Unless Zac painted it? There’s no artist credit so I’m not sure.



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