Regé-Jean Page is making headlines around Bridgerton again for saying the show is free to recast him. Of course it is. He’s making a plain observation and not “shading” or denigrating the show. He signed on for one season and he did his one season. There is nothing more to ask of this man. Let him live!


The Rock and Kevin Hart on the promo circuit once again, the hardest hustlers in the business. They are all about work. And they are leaning into this co-branding with a “best friend” narrative and while I don’t know if this applies to their real life, it is nice to have a work best friend, isn’t it? Someone to conspire and commiserate with. With the amount that these two work, the personal and professional must overlap a lot. The Rock is leading up to Black Adam and it got me thinking about how he enthusiastically promotes all of his movies and offers a lot of access, but outside of that (and I’ve asked this question before): what does The Rock do? I can’t ever recall seeing a paparazzi photo of him in a grocery store or picking up dry cleaning or even at an airport. Obviously, he has people to do that kind of stuff for him and he flies private but how is he never photographed out in public? Even the most underground celebrities like Tom Cruise and Beyoncé are papped sometimes. I’d like to hear him talk about that work strategy.


A Succession fan caught a scene being filmed on the street and Brian Cox seems to get snappy with the PA. Brian has said many times that he is not a method actor, so he can’t use “I was in character” as the justification, but I do wonder if he’ll address it. He is a chatty man, so I don’t think he would shy away from talking about what happened if he saw the video going around.


Vulture has an oral history of Beyoncé in Austin Powers: Goldmember and Ms. Tina was supposed to participate and then backed out. This could be a whole separate oral history! (Oh, and Beyoncé still wishes Mike Myers a Happy Birthday on her website.)


Dave Coulier has confirmed what has long been pop culture lore: he believes Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” is about him. Alanis has never confirmed it but my dude, the bigger issue is he was 33 and she was 18.