You know who’s a Vanderpumper? Danny McBride and I’m not one bit surprised. Taste! So of course the hosts weighed in on the show and Will Arnett was kind of bragging about not ever seeing it and let me tell you, snobbery is out. Fun is IN. Also, many of the cast also have top-rated podcasts so half the time, the reality stars and the real stars are doing the same job. 


I am not a sports person but I love a sports documentary and Aaron Rodgers is not too happy about being filmed for Hard Knocks. This makes me think it will be a great season to watch and super dramatic, which is a good thing for us. And in the long run, it’s also a good thing for Aaron Rodgers. Athletes don’t always have to come off looking great and audiences actually love the nuances of sports and competition. Look at The Last Dance. Not one person looked angelic but they all were so excellent at their game that their flaws and personal grievances made the wins and losses even more compelling. 


Another story about a top-tier athlete: Tiger Woods’s girlfriend has dropped her lawsuit and I can’t say I’m surprised. After all of his experiences, you know he has the best lawyers and his contracts have no holes. 


Speaking of contracts, Kevin Costner and his ex are now at the “fighting over pots and pans” stage of the divorce. I want to say it’s petty but I would fight for my Dutch oven in a divorce. 


A very, very, very low-tier tabloid is reporting that Harry and Meghan are “taking time apart” and if this were true, this tabloid would not be the source that breaks that story. This, like a lot of the Beckham rumours, started online and has swirled into a vaguely sourced “scoop.” Also like the Beckhams, many people are actively rooting for these two to split and until I see a joint announcement, my skepticism level will be high. One of the issues that Harry and Meghan face now is that they engage in knocking down these stories with PR (which, considering how many years Harry was not able to do that, makes sense). It seems like every silly report gets some kind of denial (like this one in Page Six).


“Therapy speak” has become a hot topic because of the Jonah Hill texts and this story by Paul Hantiuk for CBC brings up an interesting point that TV shows like Ted Lasso have also helped normalize phrases like trauma and boundaries. Also, as one psychiatrist points out, therapy is expensive and that is why people seek out other forums for help, like TikTok. (PS: If you live in Canada, Google has already started blocking news sites so be sure to sign up for local news newsletters and bookmark the sites!)