When I logged onto Twitter this morning, #8yearsofonedirection was trending. The band’s official Twitter account celebrated the anniversary, and Louis, Liam and Niall acknowledged it, too. No Harry or Zayn, which is not surprising. Not everyone wants to go to their high school reunion.



So… did Taylor eat a cake for Selena’s birthday? Or did she send a cake to Selena? I would like to know the details as this is the one friendship Taylor Swift doesn’t play with. She is very loyal to Selena Gomez. 

Samuel Affleck really went all out on the “t.”


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Who is handling Katherine Heigl’s editorial calendar? You don’t cover summer hats in late July, it’s way too late for that. Retail is already onto fall.


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If you are one of these people, please explain how you sleep at night. It’s even worse when it’s text messages – who doesn’t check their text messages?!


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I wonder if Kelly Ripa actually watches Riverdale


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Denise Richards was trending over the weekend – did you wonder why? It’s because of a rumour that she is joining the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Rinna is already on the show, so that would make two actresses. The thing with that kind of show is that it definitely won’t get her more acting work, but it will get her more attention, which will lead to other revenue streams (like social media ads, personal appearances, a podcast). So there could be work that comes out of that work. 


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The Dior saddlebag is back and all over Instagram because it’s being gifted to celebrities and influencers. I’m not down with fashion reboots from the early aughts, which has been happening a lot lately. Sometimes there’s a reason things go out of style.  


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At 14, did you know if you were rebellious or not? Or is that something you don’t know until you actually do it?


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