A lot is made of Lori Harvey’s dating life but this post is about a different kind of personal relationship, one that typically lasts longer than a boyfriend: friends! Lori and Hailey Bieber have a growing friendship and often share “likes” and supportive comments on Instagram. 


As we know, Lori is not a famedigger (quite the opposite actually) and very judicious with what and who she shares on social and so far, she’s only shared a group birthday shot back in January. 


Another day, another story about John Stamos almost quitting Full House. I think we know at this point he is being a hyperbolic and it’s an easy headline. People eat up Full House stories. 


Rob Lowe was busy on Instagram this weekend – first with the ultimate throwback. When we say they don’t make ‘em like they used to, this is what they mean. Part of the reason why this photo is so cool and special is that it wasn’t shared the moment it was taken on Instagram and reposted by thousands of fan accounts. Growing up, I would have cut this photo out of a magazine if I wanted to look at it over and over (and I would have!). 


Next up is his birthday tribute to his wife Sheryl Lowe. Sheryl might not be household-name famous but she is something just as rare – famous amongst famous people. She was a makeup artist, dated Keanu Reeves, taught Gwyneth Paltrow how to give a BJ and is just generally a noted cool person. 


“The female startup grind is underrated”, LOL Blake Lively please. We have moved on from the girlboss era for a reason. Betty Buzz is a great idea (non-alcoholic drinks are a huge market) and I’m not mad about adding booze as I don’t drink and still keep alcohol around for guests (especially canned cocktails). But this here is where celebrities get lost in the sauce on messaging: yes she started a company, but is it a “startup” when you start with millions of literal dollars and incredible marketing power? Again, the idea is good!  And she’s probably put a ton of work into this! What’s grating is when a celerity starts a company from scratch and acts like their struggle is the same as the next person.