Mariah Carey… complimented the work… of other women. She is talking about other people’s success. What. Is. Happening.

I’m guessing Gucci did a celebrity product drop for their celebrity clients this week. I wonder what Beyoncé and Blue got. And will the twins be partial to Gucci like their big sister?


#gucci #happytuesday @gucci 😃😃😃😃😃

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Why is Gucci's lucky number 25 too! Another pair of their divine sneakers added to my closet. #nobrainer #StyleByZeta

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Apparently Leonardo DiCaprio and Scott Eastwood were hanging out together at Miami Swim Week (aka Wolf Pack Christmas). Guess it was only a matter of time before they found one another.

Adam Levine is always on the radio, whether a collaboration or with Maroon 5. His voice is very familiar but his music is not analyzed in the same way as someone like Justin Timberlake or John Mayer. Adam Levine has a lot of celebrity exes and a model roster that rivals Leo’s. But no one ever says, “Oh he wrote that song about Cameron Diaz.” Why? Or am I putting too much thought into Adam Levine? (Probably yes.)


@samfarrar found these original lyrics to a song from our first album...But....which song is it???

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Was The Tourist the hotness tipping point for Johnny?


Bastidores de O Turista, 2010. . #johnnydepp #thetourist #deppheadbr

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My kids have watched this video of a little girl singing Girl on Fire approximately 8,367 times. It’s been worse than listening to Frozen or Moana soundtracks on repeat because I will never enjoy a child, no matter how talented, singing an adult song. It’s creepy!

There have been many memes this week, but they can all go home now.

“Mommy what was 2017 like?”
“Well Luna, I was blocked on Twitter by the President of the United States.”