Ethan Slater has filed for divorce and per US Weekly, his friends are “worried” he will get hurt in his new romance with Ariana Grande. UMMMMMMM, what source thought this was a sympathetic angle to put out? He left his wife and young child!!!! For many of us, this is our first introduction to Ethan (yes, I know he’s big on Broadway), and he isn’t making a great first impression. 


Meanwhile, PEOPLE continues to tip-toe around the story with this fluffy piece that says Ariana and Ethan were “sweet with each other.” That’s an interesting euphemism for “having an affair.” Here’s the thing: people who follow gossip have watched this same story unfold many, many times with all kinds of celebrities. Ariana and Ethan are in it and her team is frantically trying to make it “OK” but these kinds of stories have the Streisand effect. 


Ms. Tina Knowles has filed for divorce from Richard Lawson and I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Ms. Tina keeps us informed on Instagram and it has been a very long time since she posted with him, and he’s missed a lot of events (like Beyonce’s shows, Gloria Carter’s wedding and the Magic and Cookie Johnson annual European vacation). 


Selena Gomez fans are always going to be Selena Gomez fans and she can do no wrong in their eyes, but the way the Francia Raisa stuff went down was very sh-tty for Francia (here’s a roundup). Selenators harassed Francia for months over one comment she made and Selena said nothing. Now she posted for Francia’s birthday so it must be all good, right? Francia refollowed her, so maybe. But Francia also reposted dozens of birthday wishes and didn’t include Selena’s, so maybe not. To this generation at this level of fame, all of these clues tell the story.


The Sun is reporting about the Britney Spears memoir and a lot of outlets picked it up. The story is that Justin Timberlake and Colin Farrell are nervous and demanded their lawyers review it. So, I don’t know if this makes sense. We know she dated both of these men and she’s actually spoken fairly well of Justin and his family (considering what went down). She often posts throwbacks with him. We know her and Colin were very short-lived. I think there are nervous men but I don’t know if these are the men who need to be nervous. My gossip hunch is that it’s the ones we didn’t ever hear about. 


Detective Benson is on the picket line! I wonder how many day players Mariksa has worked with over the years at Law & Order: SVU. Has to be in the thousands. Day players are exactly the kind of working (but not rich!) actor the union is advocating for.