After a 19 year engagement, Michelle Yeoh allowed her fiancé to marry her. Beautiful! 


I posted a story on the messy Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater relationship today and as I mentioned in the piece, Scooter Braun (Ariana’s manager) has a cozy relationship with TMZ. Not even 24 hours after Lilly Jay spoke to TMZ and Page Six, Slater’s sources are telling TMZ that he’s a good guy!! He just wants to co-parent!!! And his ex-wife wouldn’t release a joint statement with him to make him look better, isn’t she terrible? LOL. Again, even a gossip novice would see through this. Whyyyyy would his ex want to help him right now? And co-parenting isn’t this hugely commendable thing just because he’s a man. He doesn’t get brownie points for not being a deadbeat. Whoever is deciding on working these angles does not understand the audience for this type of gossip. This is a hatchet job as far as PR goes. Every story makes Ethan and Ariana look more guilty.


Madonna is up and dancing, always moving forward. And it looks like she’s wearing red bracelets again, like the Kabbalah days. I looked back over the last few months and she didn’t have them on but in this new video she does. Could the celebrity red bracelet see a resurgence?


Streamers (like Netflix) want to make shows seem as popular as possible so they release stats like “1 billion minutes watched” and really, what does that even mean? We are just meant to take away that Netflix is successful, which of course doesn’t translate to compensation packages for actors. For example, Suits has a massive “minutes watched” number this week but it’s not like the cast, under the current model, will benefit from that. 


Bella Hadid has had a low-profile spring/summer– she skipped the MET Gala and then Paris Fashion Week. This might be a good thing as she adjusts to sobriety (she is 10 months in). Also, the travel schedule for models may seem fun but it can be quite hard on the body to constantly be moving time zones and staying in new environments, so maybe she wanted a break.

Kim Kardashian has conquered the fashion world and I think her next play is sports. She’s been taking her kids to a lot of games and I could see this being the kind of route she wants for them. Could team ownership be in the cards?


This week Lainey wrote about men like Nelson Peltz, Nicola Peltz-Beckham’s father, who are driving studios to maximize profits at the expense of people who actually make TV and films. Nicola is an actress and is on strike but a little while back she wrote and directed a film (gee, wonder where the financing came from). It hasn’t hit festivals and it doesn’t seem like it has a distributor. Who will take on her film and deal with the wrath of her dad after he f-cked over her wedding planners? Why would any producer or studio want to get into business with a billionaire family that likes to sue people when they don’t get their way?