Last week Lainey wrote about the run-up to the Beckhams anniversary and as she pointed out, 24 years is a long time by any standard. It’s also been 24 years of “imminent” breakup stories and constant rumours that have been fuelled by social media. The last really big one was that David got a teacher at Harper’s school pregnant, leading to the teacher (who said she had never even met David) being doxed.


Even their unity is a cause for disgruntled stories about how they are more a brand than a marriage. My assertion on the Beckhams (and yes, I’m biased) is that they are both. He has always loved that she was a Spice Girl and she has always loved that he’s a footballer and their ambition grew together. They have grown in the same direction and that is something that UK tabloids have never understood about them. 


Another big anniversary was Julia Roberts and Danny Moder and if anyone thought Julia would be married to him for 21 years you did not follow gossip in the 90s! She was an agent of chaos (a literal runaway bride who then made a movie called Runaway Bride) and we don’t have movie stars like her anymore. We just don’t. But thank you for your service, Julia.


OK when did the Fourth of July become Valentine’s Day?! Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani celebrated their second anniversary, which is much shorter than the others but they dated for a very long time and have deep roots. (Yes, they got married on July 3rd but I’m still counting it as a July 4th wedding.)


I posted a story earlier about Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky but I also wanted to point you towards this New York Times piece on Bill de Blasio and Chirlane McCray, who are separating but continue to live together (like Kyle and Mo). Is “separating but not divorcing” the new conscious uncoupling? And could this maybe be a way for high profile couples to open or poly without people poking around their business?