Yesterday was a recap on a lot of Fourth of July couples, but I didn’t include Rob McElhenney and Kaitlin Olson, who for the first time were publicly subjected to a wildly speculative and unfounded rumour that went viral on social media. It started on DeuxMoi with a blind item (which DM makes clear are not vetted and can be submitted by anyone), and though they were not named, the details matched Kaitlin and Rob. It caught on very fast, with a lot of people immediately assuming Rob is an egotistical scumbag and cheated. This all happened in less than 24 hours and let me tell you, when social media decides to turn on a celebrity it happens quickly. Kaitlin and Rob handled the clean-up well. 


(As a sidebar, a lot of the “Rob is an asshole” narrative comes from It’s Always Sunny’s history: his girlfriend at the time, Jordan Reid, played Dee in the original pilot that the actors filmed. After FX got involved and Rob and Jordan broke up, she was fired. Shitty, right? But the character was meant to be quite different from the Dee that Jordan played and it’s an ugly business but this happens all the time to actors. Lisa Kudrow was let go from Frasier. Rachel Dratch was replaced with Jane Krakowski on 30 Rock. When chemistry and the network get involved, things can radically shift. As a young 20-something actress with zero power, it’s understandable why Jordan felt ripped off.) 


Someone on The Rock’s team puts together these little displays for him, like when a parent turns their child’s school sandwich into a butterfly. Someone went to Target or Michael’s and bought that gnome for him.

I do not currently have the bandwidth to catch up on And Just Like That… because I’m knee deep in The Righteous Gemstones and I won’t give up something I enjoy watching for something I’m hate watching. That said, I will totally watch it.


Speaking of The Righteous Gemstones, you know who showed up? Pussy Posse Lieutenant Lukas Haas. Does he send a reminder to the Wolf Pack group chat? “Hey boys, my episode airs on Sunday at 8! (HBO)” Does Leo thumbs up the message from the White Party or leave him on read?


Edward Enninful left his Editor-in-chief role at British Vogue for a more general editorial director role and he remains as popular as ever. You can see the succession plan happening, even if Anna Wintour isn’t ready to give it all up quite yet. I do think she’s pragmatic about the future of publishing. Edward is a star and Vogue will need someone deeply connected and respected in the industry for the transition of power. He is all of those things.


Ricky Martin and Jwan Yosef are divorcing (not separating!) and I didn’t know Ricky Martin has four kids. That’s a lot of children. 

How important are restaurant recommendations to you? They are extremely important to me and I won’t take advice from just anyone. I need to know that our tastes align, you know? Like when people ask for ideas on social media I’m shocked because how can you trust a rando to know the best pho spot in the city?! That said, I would take Michael Imperioli’s advice. In case you are in NYC soon, his top 5 Italian spots.