Losing a passport is always a massive pain in the ass, but losing a passport during an extremely busy fashion week that requires international travel? That’s stressful. I wonder if Bella lost it, or if it got left behind in a hotel room or on a plane or in a car, or if an assistant in charge of travel documents lost it. Bella is at the stage in her career that if she wanted to miss one show because of a document emergency, she could. It wouldn’t hurt her. There’s definitely an internal drive required to keep that energy up for work, just like her mentor Naomi Campbell.


David Harbour told GQ that he called Ryan Reynolds after Hellboy III flopped to get his advice (Ryan’s had many flops, most notably Green Lantern). I have a theory about movies that flop: it doesn’t matter anymore. There is so much new stuff coming out all the time and our collective memory for things that don’t do well is very short. I don’t think there could be another Ishtar (in terms of cultural impact) in the current theatre/streaming model. 


Brad Pitt has face blindness” is the new “Brad Pitt loves architecture.”


Look, Netflix is down bad right now but tell me who can resist a fauxmance rom-com?