Another day, another very iffy rumour out of the DeuxMoi mill. This one is about Selena Gomez and Jeremy Allen White casually dating and again it came out of a very dubious blind item (submitted by a reader). 


Now the Daily Mail has picked it up, with the implication that these photos are of Jeremy and Selena. They aren’t, he’s just grocery shopping by himself. Could they be dating? Of course, anyone could be. But the intel has to be solid for the gossip to be good. And this would be good.


I’ve stayed at the Disneyland Hotel Brie Larson is at and I understand why she would need to take a moment. Disneyland is a lot. Disneyland in July is extra a lot and hot as f-ck. Did she pack the Rodarte for Disneyland? How did she so happen to have it handy?


Ashley Benson and Brandon Davis are engaged. Is cocaine going to be the best man?


Jessica Simpson has a new interview with Bustle and she’s her typical self – talking about poop and Ozempic and borrowing money from her mother. Yes, she bought her name back but it has come at a heavy cost and retail for mid-range department store brands right now isn’t too hot. (Shein is a monster eating all their lunches – H&M, Zara, mall brands.) And while she has nothing specific to promote, the goal now is to always promote Jessica Simpson as a brand. She’s still solid there.


Ashley Park is on the rise (I can’t wait to see Joy Ride) and she says her boyfriend is “so supportive” which is great because we’ve heard about some shitty boyfriends this week.