A few days ago I mentioned Noel Gallagher’s birthday party and then read more about it on Page Six. It was Narcos themed. And Liam wasn’t invited – he tweeted about it a while back, referring to his brother as “potato,” which is apparently a nickname he uses when he’s pissed off at Noel. Potato!

Katherine Heigl’s son looks just like her, he’s very cute.

I live for gossip and social media fights (clearly) but this is bullsh-t – an artist not being invited to a benefit concert isn’t a sign of anything. There’s only so much time and space in one night. And I’m side-eyeing Demi Lovato a bit here – when a fan asked why she wasn’t going, she wrote back “Cause I wasn’t invited.” She knows her base, she knows Ariana’s base and that her curt answer would have an impact on the chatter. Teen Vogue breaks it down here.

I usually don’t like black pants/white top (I feel like a cater waiter when I wear that combo) but I love Mandy Moore’s top and pants. The shirt is one shoulder and pulled tight, but not exactly body-con. And I like the combo of a wrap waist and drop-crotch on pants. (The top is on sale here and the pants are in blue here and the exact shoes are here, if you’re interested.)

Some celebs grouse about junkets and some, like The Rock, go out of their way to thank everyone who facilitates the junkets (including studios and journalists and press). What would happen if Tom Hardy and The Rock ever had to promote a movie together? Please make that happen, because I don’t think Tom would get away with his sh-tty attitude by challenging The Rock to a fight, which is Tom’s typical MO. (And on a side note, I’m wondering about his Gucci jacket here. He’s very muscular and typically designer clothing is cut slim, even for men. Custom made?)


Thank you Germany for the luv. ✊🏾 We shut down production of #Rampage for two days so I could fly into Berlin to promote #Baywatch. Most ambitious 40hrs of work we've ever attempted -- but in the end, the luv and fun from the fans, journalist and press is the anchor I'll always need to fight thru the no sleep fatigue and of course a lil' shot or three of tequila helps too. 🥃 A monster effort on both sides from Warner Bros and Paramount studios working together to pull this trip off successfully. Thank you to ALL teams involved in making this happen. My DJ power salute to a job well done. Thank you Paramount, Warner Bros, @flynnpictureco, @sevenbucksprod, @sevenbucksds, @garciacompanies & Team Rock. And most importantly, THANK YOU FANS. Grateful. #WheelsUp #JobDone #EuropeanPressTour #Baywatch ✊🏾

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So she posted a staged photo to tell people not to compare their lives to staged photos?

Last night Tracy Anderson posted this video and some people got mad at her about the move and her overall fitness philosophy. She responded to one negative comment with a lot of detail I found interesting: “I literally can't wait for you to read one of the two books I have coming out this year based on my 18 focused years dedicated to originating my method that is getting ripped off by all of the very people that wanted their hands on my life's work without doing the work. I took myself off from being able to be hired personally by any "celebrity" over 5 years ago. Even my lovely darling partner @gwynethpaltrow stepped graciously into classes so that I could share my life's work with women everywhere. I work with @Jlo only because I want to and she is a truly incredible talent giving her all across the board!” [sic] Who ripped her off? And how do the rest of her celeb clients feel about her exclusive relationship with JLo?