Meghan McCain is jumping on the JLo hate train and said she was “not nice” and had a huge entourage when Meghan was a host on the The View and JLo was a guest. The thing is… show me the receipts, if you have them. 


The only specific note from Meghan that I’ve seen is that JLo had an employee hold up a mirror with lights while she had her makeup touched up, which is not unusual behaviour for celebrities. Media has a hierarchy and a host would not want to blow up their spot and speak negatively about a celebrity guest, but Meghan isn’t a host anymore and she gets her engagement by fighting with other celebs so if she is going to come for JLo, I’m going to need specifics. A lot of what I’ve seen on TikTok is “I’ve heard JLo does this” or “JLo is known to do that” and “I heard she takes back tips,” which is wild. The legend is during Bennifer 1.0, Ben would tip at say a casino, and the next day JLo would go find that employee and take the tip back. If that is true, deranged behaviour on her part. But to believe those second and third-hand anecdotes, I have to believe that JLo is tracking Ben’s tips and also the employee movements, and that’s where the story falls apart for me. However, as Lainey has said, this smoke is coming from somewhere. Back in 2013, when Chrissy Teigen used Twitter like a diary, she tweeted about JLo’s security team and said they were awful. And security wouldn’t be jerks if they thought their boss would disapprove. If her team is moving like that for decades, that’s on her to fix.


I’ve been tracking the Peltz-Beckham Instagram inaction for a few weeks but he has reposted one of her stories today. He also did an interview with InStyle and said they are hoping to have children soon-ish, so maybe that’s another reason for laying low.


I’m on a rewatch of Hacks season three and the only thing I’m mad about is that I watched it too quickly the first time. 

Sofia Richie has a huge social media following and her wedding was breathlessly covered by Vogue. She recently had her baby shower, after the baby was born. I like this idea and have been to a few of these types of parties but I always thought they were called “sip and sees.” Who knows, I’m old. She also didn’t have a gender reveal party (it was just her and her husband and dog). 


Curious if this will have a trickle-down effect on party planning because what she does will influence the influencers, and it’s a domino effect from there.


I know zero about Tom Hardy’s personal life - does he talk about his children a lot? Because he talked about his teenage son and when that happens it makes my antenna go up. Is a fresh nepo baby about to drop?

Attached - more of JLo at The Grove on the weekend.