I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was in my 30s and if I was wealthy that is the first thing I would invest in – a full-time driver.

In 2015, Karl Lagerfeld’s longtime employee Caroline Lebar released a book on tarts. For some reason, he has decided to promote it now (I think because it’s recently become available on his website). And he’s not just supporting it with a photo of the book, but he included actual food shots on his Instagram -click through to see. (He must truly love Caroline.) What do you think Karl’s relationship to baked goods is like? Does he revile or simply ignore dessert? Does he remember what butter and sugar taste like? Would anyone dare to eat (a pastry) in front of Karl? What would he say about the flaky crumbs that fall away when eating a croissant?

Don’t say “cholo” Josh Brolin. It’s 2017, why someone has to point this out to him I don’t know.

Vancouver 101: a bike ride around Stanley Park.


Sunday Funday! #StanleyPark #Nature

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It’s amazing to me that Broadway performers go from a matinee straight to the Tonys. Can you imagine actors being scheduled to work the day of the Oscars? Between the facials, Botox, body wraps and cleanses, it takes them weeks to get ready.

So this, to me, is interesting. Jennifer Meyer was married to Tobey Maguire for years, they have two children together. She is immensely connected, both through her family (her father, Ron Meyer, is Vice Chairman of NBC Universal and co-founded CAA) and friends (like Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Aniston). Besides promoting her jewelry line, she has kept a pretty low profile, but over the last few months it seems like she’s been making more moves publicly. I wasn’t surprised to see her new home featured on PEOPLE (clearly a promo for One Kings Lane), positioned as a post-divorce triumph.