Austin Butler’s (who is 30) team prepped for his Elvis roll-out, tying his stardom to Elvis’s explosive, game-changing fame. It’s an interesting strategy because it’s not focused necessarily on a young audience, but rather reaching older people who know and care about Elvis. This demographic will overlap with Oscar voters. It’s too early to make predictions but a nomination is definitely the goal. It’s going to be an uphill climb as the prestigious Oscar-baity fall releases haven’t come out yet. He will have the family support, which will help. 


Liam Hemsworth is someone who has been laying low and is not an actor that has a dedicated fandom. (Or maybe he does and I just don’t know?) The competition for 30-something actors is fierce, especially for the ones who had success in their 20s. Maintaining a robust career is hard. When I think of famous men in that age bracket, there’s Robert Pattinson, Andrew Garfield, Michael B. Jordan, Elliot Page, Evan Peters – and this is barely scratching the surface. There are a lot of men doing interesting, prestigious work along with big blockbuster superhero stuff. When you see Liam Hemsworth, do you think he fits that list? Maybe he wanted to step back and take a long break, but I do wonder what kind of advice he’s getting on the career front.


I don’t watch Dancing With The Stars and I’m surprised it is moving from ABC to a streaming service as it seems to be made for a demographic that hasn’t cord-cut. There’s a consistency to it, like an NCIS or Law & Order franchise and after 30 seasons, it seems like a very odd move to make. And it’s still going to be live? Good luck to all of us who have to explain how to log onto Disney+ to our parents. 


Jessica Simpson is releasing a bridal line and the timing is right because there were a lot of weddings that were postponed over Covid and pent up demand. I checked her website and there’s an abundance of sizes available and shoes run around $110US (not outrageous for a wedding item) and that is key – having a supply that meets the demand because so much stuff is sold out right now. She built her business on shoes so continuing that expansion makes sense. 


And so it begins: celebrities heading to Italy for their summer vacation.