Tom Sturridge and Alexa Chung might be engaged. How would you pick an engagement ring for Alexa, who has a unique sense of style? A honking diamond wouldn’t suit her. But he was also with Sienna Miller for a long time so he definitely has an It Girl type. Wait, maybe Tom is the It Girl in this scenario?! 


Many women can relate to Keke Palmer’s experience of having the threat of her breast milk thrown out at the airport. As many pointed out, traveling with a baby comes with food and liquid exemptions but the gate agent can make it very stressful. I’ve had my bottles dumped, with an escort to the bathroom because they said my milk was flagged by the system. Pumping sucked and I definitely cried. 


Lily Rabe made Lainey’s best dressed list at the Tonys and my only contribution to the discourse is that I’m quite sure she and our number one boy Jeremy Strong dated. If you Google their names together, tons of photos come up and it makes sense as they both seem like Actors Who Act and are Very Actory. Jeremy Strong’s fame meter shot up over the last five years and Lily is now becoming more mainstream famous but they got their young-love-with-a-fellow-thespian relationship out of the way when they were still relatively unknown. 


Interesting cover for Vogue Czechoslovakia with Dianna Agron, who is a juror at the Tribeca Film Festival. She’s had an interesting career trajectory as she works on indie projects and takes on more prestigious roles but hasn’t really had that hit, right? That role that kind of takes her to the next level.


Katy Perry made headlines when she talked about taking a break from alcohol for three months, along with her fiancé Orlando Bloom. She also launched a line of non-alcoholic beverages. Looks like the three months is up. Technically he didn’t take a sip so he could still be sober. 


The headlines around Rosamund Pike’s comments about the wellness industry are focused on “throwing shade” at Goop but that’s really a disservice to her answer. She talks about the hamster wheel of wellness, of never being good enough in the pursuit of youth and thinness disguised as health. It is only a small part of the interview but it’s still worth a read.