Oprah hosted a Wonder Woman-themed party for 28 10-year-olds. “Wonder Woman flip flooopppppppppppps. Whoo!”


Party ovah here! #wonderwoman

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Almost ready #wonderwoman

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The Ramsays and the Beckhams have been super tight for years and often vacation together. But I have a question for avid social media users – at 18, would you be comfortable with your grandmother following you and your friends? David's mum Sandra always comments on her family’s posts – and she commented on one of Jack Ramsay’s post too. So Brooklyn’s gran not only follows his friends, but she keeps up with their photos. And then Gordon’s kids liked her comment, which I guess is a digital version of “respect your elders.” I think it’s cute.



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Yesterday, Kathleen spoke about Katy Perry’s performative wokeness. I didn’t watch the livestream – did Katy’s interview take place before or after Amanda Seales’s educational chat with Caitlin Jenner (who has proven herself to be incredibly tone deaf and self-serving over and over again).

UnREAL is delayed to 2018. I’m OK with it – I still haven’t recovered from the truly awful second season. The more I think about it the more I hate it. Which is a shame, because I really do love Constance and Shiri’s work.

At least he is trying to have a sense of humour about it. Do you think the Pussy Posse has been sending Orlando silver medal emojis?

From a purely gossip perspective, it’s interesting that ARod will be on Shark Tank with Bethenny as Andy recently questioned her about dating him. It will be a feast for the lower-tier tabloids.

I’m looking for some new art for my house and came across Portia de Rossi’s General Public. Have you heard of it? The website doesn’t have much information and I could only find one vague mention of it in an interview where she said, “This business concept is to democratize art and get it into the hands of the people who appreciate it and want to own it.” I don’t know what that means but I do know that she and Ellen have excellent taste in homes and décor, so it seems like a natural extension for her.


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Um everyone was so focused on Halle’s non-existent baby bump that we hardly noticed she got a new puppy!


12 weeks old and still #livinglikejackson

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This colour (what would it be called, muted bronze?) is extremely hard to pull off, but Mandy Moore does it. I like that when she makes a choice like this she follows through with her hair and makeup, and doesn’t pile on accessories. A ball gown is easy, minimalism is hard.


Striiiking a pose in tonight's lewk for the #47metersdown premiere.

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