Mischa Barton in a pajama-style suit. Her style instinct has always been there, she just has lost her access over the years. Slowly, to her credit, she is building it back up.


Me with a Kenny Scharf for Project Angel Food #projectangelfood

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I frequently mix these two up on social media, can you see why?????


Happy birthday @lucyhale 👯

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Honestly I still click on stories about this dollar store love triangle. She always spells LeAnn’s name wrong, which cracks me up. Right now they are fighting about social media and a table at Nobu hahahahahahahahahahaha.

I would be freaked out by this many flowers, it’s too suffocating. I don’t really need to worry about it though, I probably wouldn’t even get that many flowers at my funeral.


#mood #thank you ❤️ for all the love ! I love you , you know who you all are ❤️❤️🙏🏾#blessed 📸 @melvin0619

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Another year, another international Vogue cover for Victoria Beckham. It may not be American Vogue, but it’s a great look.

Naomi Watts is doing an AMA on Reddit – is there anything smutty she could be asked? (Not Heath, that’s just sad.) Maybe about Tom and Nicole.

I really dislike this Carolina Herrera dress on Karlie Kloss. I like long, loose and sleeves but the print, the color, the rope tie and the fabric are too earnest and old-fashioned.

Have you warmed up to Malibu? When it comes on the radio I’m like “what is this?” and then I remember and change the station.

Beyoncé Beybies Watch: Mama Tina was at Disneyland yesterday.

As Vice said, “Not a Hit, Not Yet a Cult Classic”. 


Thank you for this picture again. Someone took it off a disposable camera I had lol. Always makes me smile:) #crossroads

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