People are still talking about The Slap so it’s not easy for Chris Rock to fly under the radar right now. There have been a few sightings of Chris and Lake Bell together and I have no idea if they are long-time friends just hanging out or dating, but it is summer fling season. 


So I started watching The Boys and how did the cameo in the first episode not get out? I won’t spoil it, even though I really want to. It’s a big star. Huge. 

In the Variety Actors on Actors conversation with Martin Short (!!!!) and Jean Smart (!!!!) that Lainey linked to yesterday in What Else?, they talk about Megan Stalter’s performance in Hacks and it is so well deserved. I’ve watched the second season twice and I think my favourite line reading is the Oxy/Tylenol/Advil bit. So natural and so funny. (Also… have we considered conjuring the Gossip Genie for Martin and Jean? It might be too soon for Jean as her husband passed in March 2021 but if she was ready to date… instantly iconic pairing.)


Speaking of iconic pairings and Variety Actors on Actors – this photo is mesmerizing. 

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley co-founded a bourbon brand called Brother’s Bond and Ian posted a video from a grocery store appearance with a large turnout. There are people lined up next to the cantaloupes and rotisserie chickens waiting for him. And the screaming is quite something. To his credit, Ian is very game and enthusiastic about it as he fistpumps his way through the produce section. 


Yes the Boston accent and the puppies are working, but what I really want is for Chris Evans to do an interview with Vanity Fair and be asked about Elizabeth Olsen’s lie detector test answer about him. He gives us hunky but I want him to give us some gossip.

Funny Girl’s Broadway revival hasn’t been very well received by critics and stars Beanie Feldstein and Jane Lynch are both leaving the show in September (Feldstein was reportedly committed to the role for a year and is being cut short).   


The way we were (St. Tropez mix).