Most random Twitter skirmish ever: Rob Schneider blocked Seth Rogen (it was not made clear why).I thought perhaps it was an accidental block or because of a difference of political opinion. Now I think it was all a long game to meet James Franco. A few days later, cooler heads prevailed.

Over the weekend, the new US Weekly reported that Drew Barrymore is dating again. A few hours later she posted this photo. OK. This is silly – the man she is reportedly dating is a businessman, he’s not famous so the headline will barely be a blip. Pick your battles.


Say no more

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What did Ronan Farrow do yesterday?

The GOAT being her GOAT self.


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Do nerds love Deadpool as much as like Batman and stuff? Is this nerd porn?


Dropped by X-Mansion. Looked closely for Beast's lawn bombs before taking well deserved nap.

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The Butterfly Chanteuse is omnipresent! And is this the first time Mariah has acknowledged anything even slightly, tenuously political? Sure she might not know who Lauren Duca is, or maybe she’s just a fan of Girls. But it’s still interesting as Mariah typically abstains from conversations that don’t involve her youth or thinness. (You can read more on Lauren Duca here.)

This is still happening, I guess (by “this” I mean Iggy Azalea and safety pin dresses).


Thank you for my dress @christiancowan 💚#MMVA

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“Happy Birthday Cowboy.” They are kind of cute.


I get to kiss on the birthday boy @blakeshelton #happybirthdaycowboy gx

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