Father’s Day has been as chaotic as Mother’s Day on social media. A lot of dads (and stepdads) getting shout-outs and a lot of dads are getting left in the dust. Jenna Dewan giving big props to her fiancé and nothing for Channing Tatum. 


Kate Hudson’s fiancé also got a shout out – not so much for her two exes. (This is fascinating to me as Kate strikes me as a prime candidate for friendly exes.)

Gwen Stefani has ignored Gavin Rossdale’s existence since their divorce but that’s the classiest way to do it, considering what she could say! Blake Shelton is the personification of those t-shirts you see on Instagram that say, “I’m not the stepdad, I’m the dad who stepped up.” 


Same with Russell Wilson, who got so much sh-t for being a good stepdad to Future when he and Ciara first got together. Does anyone remember that?

On the flipside, the conscious uncouplers let us know how evolved they are. (If you are wondering about Gwyneth Paltrow, she posted about Brad Falchuk, her father Bruce and Chris Martin in her Stories.) 


Jennifer Garner struck quite a balance – a lovely post for her dad and a shout-out to Ben, minus a photo. Fair. Especially after JLo’s thirst montage.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be difficult days for people who are grieving and for people working through issues with the parent they did or didn’t have growing up. The Rock talks about being estranged from his father Rocky at the time of Rocky’s passing and this is pretty heartfelt – adult child and parent estrangement is not this super rare thing but it’s not really talked about a lot.


Beyoncé has been changing her looks nightly on tour and Ms. Tina may have accidentally teased a new Ivy Park x Adidas drop, which is interesting as I thought the relationship was done? Usually after a public announcement of a parting of ways, there are no new releases. On the Adidas Canada website, there are a few new Ivy Park looks but no dates. Was announcing the end of the relationship a way to heighten demand for the last drop?

If you have ever watched Steve Harvey’s Family Feud, this thread will make your day.