Chrissy Teigen is in Vancouver, which isn’t necessarily news because a lot of celebs come and go, but she is someone I’d like to spy on from afar (not in a creepy way). More like at a restaurant, I’d be curious to see what she orders. Seth Rogen sent her a bunch of food recommendations and I’d add Bao Bei to this list, as well as Savio Volpe. Vij’s is also an obvious option but it doesn’t take resos for anyone. The owner, Vij was once on The Social and he told a story about a celebrity who declined to wait for a table: John Legend. Maybe he was short on time? I hope that’s what it was because I’d hate to think John Legend is that type.

As Chrissy arrives, Olivia Munn is leaving. says Fergie has not officially left the Black Eyed Peas so the recent rumours are false. The UK tabloids have been speculating for awhile about Nicole Scherzinger joining the group but this pretty much shuts that down.

Could you be the female Future is looking for?

Is it weird that Cameron Diaz kind of disappeared and no one noticed? She’s gone very, very quiet (proving once again that celebs can go underground if they want to, even in LA). There’s no new pictures of her on Instagram (she hasn’t posted since Election Day) so here’s her husband Benji.

Won’t somebody please think of the men?

It’s National Donut Day, which means lots of celebrities posing with food they only pretend to eat.


How I feel about #NationalDonutDay… 🍩

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Amber Heard hangs with Elon Musk’s kids in Australia. He's raising five sons. 5!


Kidding around

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Jon Hamm doesn’t like social media. Shocker.

Attached - Amber Heard and Elon Musk arriving in Australia together a few days ago.