Buffy vs. Wonder Woman, who would win? And don’t look at me for starting sh-t, Sarah Michelle Gellar posted it.

The Hamptons is full of drama, and Richard Lawson from Vanity Fair has covered the throwdowns between locals and weekenders. My absolute favourite nugget about air traffic complaints: “The Wall Street Journal reports that more than 1,000 noise complaints were filed in the Hamptons over Memorial Day weekend this year, and only about 300 of them from that one jilted country club teen who was trying to ruin some mean girl’s big party she wasn’t invited to.” This is petty excellence.


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There was a BS story in a lower-tier tabloid trying to drum up drama between Jen Meyer and Tobey Maguire. There isn’t anything to report there, and his rep denied it to Gossip Cop. As proof of a harmonious relationship, his publicist pointed to the recent pictures of Jen, Tobey, the kids and the Wolf Pack. So I guess paps do come in handy sometimes, right?

I’m a little surprised Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are so down with social media love. This is downright effusive – she uses heart emojis.


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Who’s reading to whom?


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