I’ve been meaning to post about Catherine Zeta- Jones’ “interview” in The Mirror, particularly this quote: “One thing I’m not is humble any more. I’m sick of being humble. I really am. ‘So sorry I’m rich, so sorry I’m married to a movie star, so sorry I’m not so bad looking.’” (Because if there’s one thing society hates, it’s beauty and wealth.) But let’s back up – why is CZJ giving an interview to The Mirror? Well, she didn’t. It’s from a longer discussion with SAG-AFTRA Foundation in which she talks about her upbringing and the need for successful people (particularly women) to constantly perform their gratefulness, which discounts their work and sacrifices. The full interview is here. The Mirror was just trying to make her look like an asshole.

We can’t wait to see them in the movie either, Kevin. Whyyyyy do we have to wait until August 15. 


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I don’t know much about sports, but isn’t flopping part of soccer? I thought it was World Cup tradition for fans to accuse the other team’s star player of diving.

Gotti is currently sitting at a 0% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but is getting comparatively high ratings from audiences, and film critics started to notice. The assumption is that there’s some f-ckery afoot - Gizmodo breaks it down here


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James Van Der Beek’s wife Kimberly has had her fifth Van Der Baby (I’m not apologizing, I thoroughly enjoyed that). 


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Going by the landscape, where do you think JLo and ARod are vacationing? Alex is giving people vague answers in his comments: so far the guesses are Montana, Italy, Wisconsin and Israel. He’s ruled out Tahoe and Seattle. 


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