The greatest love story of our time has come to an end: Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch are divorcing. Friends described the breakup as “shocking” and notably, as Rupert gets older, his marriages get shorter. 


It’s unlikely Jerry will see any business gains from Rupert’s empire as those assets are held in a trust and he (and his lawyers) definitely learned their lesson after tangling with Wendi Deng over board seats. But what’s next for Rupes? How does a 91-year-old mend a broken heart? St. Tropez with Leo this summer?


Enough about divorce, let’s talk about an engagement. Beanie Feldstein, who is reportedly leaving the Broadway production of Funny Girl six months early, is engaged to Bonnie Chance Roberts. It looks like Bonnie proposed at a home and there’s a big setup of photos and flowers and their friends and family are there. Everyone looks so happy and if this is the engagement, you know they are going to have a very fun wedding. 


Sarah Jessica Parker posted this photo and it’s an ad for a skincare collaboration but I’m focused on the outfit – sweatpants with a button down is my go-to weekday outfit, but I’ve never worn it with boots like this. I love it. And the button down she’s wearing (which is not tagged) is perfect – light and slightly sheer, soft but not too wrinkled. It’s extremely hard to find the perfect button down white shirt. 


Jenny Slate is doing press for the upcoming movie Marcel The Shell (which looks very cute) and she’s been turning out the looks. The two-piece Giambattista Valli, the Todd Oldham mini-dress, a feathered white mini-dress by Taller Marmo, an off-the-shoulder violet dress by Adeam and a strapless mini by Rachel Gilbert are all very pretty and different from each other. Together, it’s a body of work in and of itself. (Update: the following are marked as private.  You can link to them directly and view them as a logged-in user on Instagram).