This is exactly what I imagined Jessica Simpson’s shoe collection to look like. So many peep toes and wedges. Tell me, what would you trade in your shoe closet for a pair of Jessica Simpson’s shoes? I don’t care if they are $1000 a pair, I’d take my raggedy-ass Stan Smiths over any of these.


To all my cougars and cubs #Grrrr #ShoeCrushSaturday 🐯

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Joseph Kahn, a close collaborator of Taylor Swift (he directed Bad Blood and Blank Space), has some thoughts on feminism. Specifically, the monetization of feminism. Like when someone creates a public feud and then releases a diss track to profit off that feud with another woman. Oh wait… that can’t be what he’s talking about because it’s not like Taylor has ever profited off “girl power.” Joseph also really likes to insert himself in Taylor’s dramas, particularly with Katy Perry and the Wests. He called her a “rainbow in a swamp,” not to be confused with a nightmare dressed like a daydream.

Eminem has grown a beard and I don’t know how to feel about it.


Just a couple of guys from Compton and one from Detroit. With a beard. #thedefiantones

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Tara is taking PR cues from the current administration, which is not a bad idea. “People tell me Tara Reid is very successful. Her movies have huge crowds, the biggest crowds they’ve ever seen, but nobody talks about that.”

Ryan Seacrest doesn’t like to dip into his data plan if he doesn’t have to.

This looks like an ad for urinary tract infection medication.


Hope you guys are having a relaxing Sunday!!! ☕️ @missionstatement

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Rumer Willis posted this photo with her mom and sisters and she tagged Demi. I didn’t know Demi had Instagram – did you? The handle is moore2d. It’s a private account with no profile photo and just 13 followers, two of whom are Rumer and Ashton Kutcher (I can see that because it crosses over with my followers). As of this morning, she has posted two photos. Now I really want to see Demi Moore’s account.


Maaaahwage is wat brings us togevah... #jenjenandcappy #itsallaboutthereference

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I know no one cares about Dave Grohl except for me. Our site manager, Emily, is the only one who even humours my 20+ year crush at this point. But Stella McCartney watched the Foo Fighters set at Glastonbury so this is my excuse to post a photo. (And also point out that everyone on Twitter was talking about how his hair totally frizzed out on stage.)


This is what happens when you go back on the stage at glasto with Dave Grohl after he headlines.... you killed it lads! x Stella

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