A couple of celebrity endorsements to go over today: Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney and Michael B. Jordan are investing in a Formula 1 team and while I don’t understand the logic behind some celebrity investments but this one makes total sense. Formual 1 is hotter than hot and this is not the case of celebrities creating buzz for a team. Like soccer (or football, don’t get mad at me), this is Reynolds and McElhenney investing in an existing sports culture. 


Another celebrity investment that is extremely on brand is the Maury Povich-endorsed at-home paternity test called The Results Are In. He is a trusted name in DNA testing space. 


So Kevin Costner isn’t necessarily upset about the divorce, but he is upset his wife Christine beat him to it. I love how it’s called a “sneak attack” when she does it, even though he was planning on doing the exact same thing to her! 


As Kevin deals with his divorce fallout, on the work front his nemesis Taylor Sheridan has faded from the headlines after this combative The Hollywood Reporter profile. He is a prick. He speaks derisively about everyone on set, he diminishes crew and writer jobs, he is hostile towards the idea of collaboration or teamwork. This is what he says publicly, so can you imagine what he is like on set? And I wonder if his attitude extends to actors because to Taylor, everyone (except him) is disposable. Ironically, he started his empire after he was killed off Sons of Anarchy for asking for a raise, so you think he’d have some solidarity with people who are not at the top of the call sheet. Anyway, here’s a picture of Luke Grimes (hubba hubba). 


Stay out of Trixie’s mentions. 


This is why Twitter is not dead yet. Just when we think it’s done and dusted, a tweet that is inexplicably hilarious but also impossible to explain pops up. On Instagram, this would just be another comment but on Twitter, it’s a star. 

Attached - Michael B. Jordan at a birthday party in LA earlier this month.