Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban celebrated their 16-year anniversary and that’s quite an accomplishment with two big careers (and all that touring and filming) while raising two children together. And they’ve managed to be a public couple but do it pretty privately – I cannot recall the last time I saw a photo of their children, sanctioned or not. 


The Rock has dallied with a presidential run but over the last month or so, I noticed that he has not posted about mass shootings or Roe v Wade. As a celebrity, it’s his prerogative whether or not to chime in but if he is a celebrity who is considering running for the highest office in his country, these are major, catastrophic events that require acknowledgement, at the very least. Is this his way of announcing he’s not running without actually announcing it?


I’m obviously posting this to point out Seth Rogen’s epic nail game, which is incredible. I really want a piece from the Gloopy line in pink/orange but everything sells out so fast! 

In NO ONE ASKED FOR THIS news, Alec Baldwin will interview Woody Allen on Instagram Live. We are busy people and do not have time for this, Mr. Baldwin. 


Tracee Ellis Ross double bagging it at Glastonbury is highly relatable content for anyone who gets overwhelmed at a music festival. Like always, her outfit is on point and stylish without going into costume territory. 

And then there are hardcore festival people like Rita Ora, who called Glastonbury her “sacred haven.” Probably the most unrelatable thing I’ve ever seen from a celebrity in a long time. (What happened to the Daily Mail’s scoop that she and Taika Waititi were getting married imminently? Is that still a go or did they get married and keep it on the low?) 


One more from Glastonbury: Stella McCartney posted a photo with Noel Gallagher, Bruce Springsteen, Kate Moss, Rosemary Ferguson (model/ nutritionist/ socialite) and who’s that I spy in the corner? It’s the Where’s Waldo of partying: Cara Delevingne, who is just a month out from red carpet creeping on Megan Thee Stallion. But like I’ve always said, Cara is as connected as one can be in that world and what plebs like me think of her doesn’t affect her status one bit. 

Lindsay Lohan completed filming on a holiday rom-com for Netflix and not only did it go well, but Netflix signed her up for two more films. She’s also doing a collaboration with Allbirds. This isn’t an explosive comeback but it has been steady and consistent with zero drama, which bodes well for longevity.