There are certain holidays (like Christmas and Valentine’s Day) that are great for snooping on couples but you know what is underrated? Summer music festival season! Gemma Chan and Dominic Cooper, still together. 


Laura Prepon comes up a lot in my feed (probably because all I look at on Instagram are celebrities and food) and I just tried to figure out if she is still a Scientologist. She grew up in the church and dated Danny Masterson’s brother for a long time. Last I could find was this 2021 PEOPLE Magazine feature that says she is not and that makes sense because I’m sure social media use is discouraged. Don’t want followers having access to all that information. 


I guess it’s the summer of throwing sh-t at performers (which I do not approve of!): there’s the dummy who hit Bebe Rexha with a phone and then someone threw their mom’s ashes at Pink. Ummmmm. But it hasn’t been all bad – Pink also received a wheel of cheese, an amazing gift that she saw coming (she was ready for the throw). 


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This definitely falls under “mega rich people problems” but Liev Schreiber’s private plane was rerouted because of fog. Now I know Liev is a successful actor, but is he private jet successful? Flying private is extremely expensive by any standard and most celebrities can’t afford it or don’t think it’s worth the money. There’s a perception that celebrities only fly private but that’s the case for a handful of people (like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Beyoncé). Regular famous people rarely do, unless they are a guest. Liev was heading to a screening at Donna Karan’s compound so maybe she sprung for the jet. 


Gwyneth Paltrow posted from the Coldplay show in Milan and she got a jump on the LA migration to Italy this year. She is there with Brad and Moses was with Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson and it looks like they met up for the concert and Moses is now with Gwyneth. A nice little family vacation, minus Apple. School must be out, but maybe she’s interning somewhere this year?

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