Jennifer Lawrence, Aidy Bryant, Alison Brie, Amy Poehler, Aubrey Plaza, Retta, and Lena Dunham are just some of the many participants in this Planned Parenthood video. Dakota Johnson can’t figure out how to repost it, which I get – Instagram needs a repost button, right? Doing it through a third-party app is such a pain. But I’m more interested in her comments – not just about being cut, but about the “Hollywood IT Girls.” A little salty, no?

Craig tries to shoot his shot. We all have a Craig in our life -- the person who pops up every four years and asks for a huge favour with absolutely zero chance of reciprocation.


Shout out to my high school buddy Craig that texts me once every four years.

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Selena liked this photo, so I think it’s safe to say there’s no changes on this front.


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Hilary Duff is a very magnanimous ex-wife, that’s all I’ll say.

Nicole Richie’s daughter Harlow is SO grown up!


When you're forced to take a boomerang with your moms friends 😔🙄

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Jennifer Lopez posted a vacation album, but let’s be real: she wants to show him off. Most of the time, he’s on the phone. Who the f-ck are you talking to when you are vacationing with Jennifer Lopez?! She’s had weddings in June, September, and February. She was supposed to marry Ben in September 14. So this time around, I’m wondering if she’ll go winter? Maybe Christmas?


SWIPE FOR MORE PICS #aboutlastweekend #summertime ☀️

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I once posted about a mini One Tree Hill cast reunion and someone yelled at me about Chad Michael Murray. They wanted me to know he’s in the MARVEL UNIVERSE. Ok, Chad stan. This is for you.

This is for Lainey, obviously.


Don't we all miss The King 💙💙💙 #Elvis #TBT

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And this is for Sarah, obviously.