Scott Eastwood has moved to Texas because California is too crowded. Interesting. If you look at Scott Eastwood, doesn’t he seem like the type of guy who LOVES LA, especially considering his pedigree? Or am I judging a book by its cover (or in this case, by that stupid face he makes). 


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Julia in a matching T-shirt with her stylist, Elizabeth Stewart. Like her first post, this is a message T-shirt. You know what that leads me to, right? “A low Vera.” I Googled that phrase just to see what happens and was directed to a 2003 interview with Oprah. Well not exactly an interview because the two are friends, very good friends, so it’s more of a conversation. And do you know what Julia said about that message, “a low Vera,” in 2003? “I stand by my T-shirt.” Of course she did. It’s 2018 and she probably still stands by it. 


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Orlando Bloom posted a video of a dog catching feels over “My Heart Will Go On.” Of course the dog was emotional, Celine affects all creatures. But the interesting thing here is the shout-out and “I miss you” to Leo. Orlando and Leo used to hang pretty regularly, hitting up parties and festivals and more parties. The last hit I found on them together was Orlando’s birthday in Marrakesh in early January. Is Orlando missing his Alpha Wolf?


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Rachel Bilson gave a recent interview to PEOPLE and talked about co-parenting with Hayden Christensen. This is not the norm for celebrities – they are supposed to talk about exes, especially co-parents, in glowing terms – “we’re so lucky, we’re best friends!” She doesn’t do that. She doesn’t slam him (at all) but she also doesn’t go out of her way to praise him. 


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Cazzie David, who was in a long-term relationship with Pete Davidson before his engagement to Ariana Grande, is in a weird position. She’s not commenting on anything, but her posts are filled with comments from Ariana fans who are anti-Pete. Do they think Cazzie can help them? Because she can’t – any interference will only make their love sickness stronger.


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Justin Bieber was about 10 years old when The Hills premiered. Does he even know who Spencer Pratt is? 


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The Bluth family, now with 99.9% less mansplaining. 


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Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman both have BDE. (The hot dog too, obviously.)


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