Dapper Dan is a hugely influential Harlem artist and fashion designer, even if he isn’t quite a household name to many (Salt-N-Pepa’s iconic leather looks were his creation). His influence is visible all over the Gucci runway this year, bringing up questions of homage vs. straight-up copying. The fashion world has long tried to minimize Dan’s work by referring to it as “bootleg”; meanwhile, Gucci describes Alessandro Michele’s pieces as “exploration of faux-real culture.”

Stylist Brad Goreski and his girls at the NKOTB concert. Who was your favourite? I was partial to Joey, which is so basic. But I once met a woman at a party who said she was obsessed with New Kids and when she was a teenager, her mom let her fly to Boston to try to meet them, and she found the Wahlberg house. Donny wasn’t home, but she hooked up with one of the brothers (NOT Mark, but she did tell me his name). Were the Wahlbergs the OG Pussy Posse? I have no idea if the story is true.

Anne Hathaway supporting Jessica Chastain supporting Wonder Woman. And Anne is right – Jessica does have excellent taste in sunglasses.

Gisele is a supermodel who has had her photo taken thousands of times and she couldn’t find one picture that celebrated the Earth and didn’t require overlay? This looks like the cover of a puzzle box.

Tina Knowles accepted an award from the Ladylike Foundation over the weekend. Chloe x Halle performed. Since then, Tina has also posted about missing her daughter Solange, who is on tour. Beyoncé , if she is available, will always show up to support her mom. So is she perhaps unavailable right now?

Demi Lovato and Kathy Griffin had beef, and I guess Demi is now pretty pleased? Sounds like it.

Lainey posted about Halle Berry’s possible belly cupping this morning, and it wasn’t pasta, it was fries. That’s it. She ate food.


Can a girl have some steak and fries?? 🙄😉

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