I’m generally not a fan of red dresses but I’ve figured out what makes the difference, for me. Sleeves. Every red dress I’ve liked, including this one, has sleeves.


Workin this drab ass hallway during GLOW press like 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻... #awomanswerkisneverdone

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My favourite new Twitter genre is “Liam is mad at Noel.” I’ve been deep into it for the last week, and I like how Liam signs his insults; he’s fond of “as you were” and he follows his initials with an x. I’m going to start doing that. “F-ck off as you were MT x.” I already feel more civilized.

Miranda Lambert got stuck in an elevator on the way to rehearsal with a lot of people. Bad omen?

OK sports people, tell me: do team jerseys matter? Can you wear any one you like, or do you have to stick with the teams you support? And is this only being made an issue because people think Justin Bieber is a jinx? A quick google search of Drake shows him in like a dozen different jerseys.

A few months back I wondered if the James Packer breakup affected Mariah and Brett Ratner’s friendship (he set them up, and has some business dealings with James). Looks like they are all good.

Britney’s boyfriend traveled with her to Japan, which means it’s serious.


Thinking of tonight's show has me spinning... just like this night in Vegas 😜🌀 Can't wait to see you, #Osaka!!!

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You are not a Disney princess until your parents die tragically or completely neglect you. Sometimes both.

There haven’t been any coupled-up Instagram posts since the MET Gala, but Selena Gomez wants us to know she’s still with The Weeknd through her caption (and she tagged him in one photo). They later had dinner at Rao’s, so clearly they were up for being seen.


date night

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