Barry Watson has a new show coming out and is doing the talk show rounds and he mentioned his father-in-law Robert Wagner. Have we talked about this before? I feel like we have but I will be surprised every single time I remember.


Getting advice from my father in law/guest star on #DateMyDad @up_tv #RobertWagner #setlife

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No, I don’t want your number. No, I don’t wanna give you mine.(What would No Scrubs be about today? Unsolicited dick pics?)

Well this is skeevy. I don’t know what’s worse, the use of “vintage records” or “magic.” I’ve never taken Ambien but I have a friend who one night took it and ordered $2000 of makeup from Sephora and didn’t remember a thing. Now she hides her credit card before she takes it.

“The hero behind the fragrance.” I’ll give the photographer (and crew) credit for making him look somewhat like the Johnny we remember, but “hero”? Hell to the no. Even before the Amber Heard allegations, what would possibly make an actor promoting a fragrance heroic?

Judy Greer makes every scene she is in better; Duana wrote about her talent and hustle two years ago. But she’s never really gotten to play straight-up sexy, and her essay about the experience in InStyle is an interesting read.


We work hard for the money. #valleygirl #valleygirlfilm #1983 #suburblife #setlife #keepfilminla #robheubelsmustache

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US Weekly has a story up about Aaron Rodgers still not talking to his family, and brings up the old story that Olivia Munn caused the rift. They’ve been broken up for a couple of months and he’s still not returning his mom’s calls. Oh he’s still spending weekends in LA. So now who is everyone going to blame for Aaron Rodgers “going Hollywood”? (If, that is, you believe anything in the new Us Weekly.)


Had so much fun at the @cfda awards last night β€οΈπŸ’™

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Draper James has partnered with Net-a-Porter for a summer capsule collection (meaning lots of gingham), and I’d love to know which of the celebrity/blogger lines sell through faster: goop, MR by Man Repeller, AlexaChung or Draper James. Do you think they ask about each other? Of course they do!


No better way to celebrate the @DraperJames X @Netaporter collaboration than with my nearest and dearest!! πŸ’‹πŸ₯‚πŸ’™

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