French tips – are we going to fight about this? If you love a French tip (on hands or feet) then probably yes. I think nude polishes do the job that French is supposed to do – classic, subtle, elegant (if that’s what you are looking for). I will always associate French tips with acrylics and Posh in her WAG days. This look on Karlie Kloss is particularly severe.


When in Austin 🌮🌮

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Wolverine is into cryotherapy – I’ve been curious to try it but I really hate being cold. My understanding is that it tricks your body into survival mode, sending a large percentage of blood to the core. Once warmed up, the blood recirculates, ridding the body of toxins. I can’t even handle a lukewarm shower.


The (disco) lights and music are there to distract you ... or me ... from the -211 conditions. It worked! #Cryotherapy

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Our site manager Emily and I were talking about the CMA red carpet last night – here is Rachel Bilson in Rodarte. That had to be the coolest outfit there, right? Unless Dolly showed up. I didn’t watch. No Beyoncé, no thank you.


#cmtawards @rodarte #multitasking ☝️

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So this is interesting. Garage Magazine (Lainey wrote about their exclusive interview with Beyoncé here) is partnering with Vice. Garage was founded by Dasha Zhukova, wife of Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, best friend of Wendi Deng (and Jennifer Meyer and Derek Blasberg). The magazine is named after a museum she founded, so that’s the kind of money we are talking about here – museum money. It’s niche and arty and high brow… and now it’s going digital and mainstream. Why? What’s the angle? Is it that no matter how much access, money and exclusivity one has, fame is still the ultimate goal?


Congratulations @garage_magazine x @vice Amazing celebration!

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Speaking of money, I would highly recommend reading Julia Rubin’s piece on the weddings of the .01% in Racked. This doesn’t apply to most celebs, even the A-list ones, because there are no freebies. The details are incredible – a specific safe (and dedicated security guard) for caviar. The difference between new and 5th generation money (the latter proudly sits nannies and au pairs at the head table). How Russians display wealth – and have ruined the celebrity guest performance. But here’s a question: say you are rich enough to throw a destination wedding in France (with a “summer camp” theme). Do you spring for guest rooms? Because I would. This is not your average ceremony/reception. And the fact that the rooms were only “subsidized,” for people who flew to France for a 3-day wedding, well, there’s a cheapness there, no?

Every few years, an editor surpasses the title they work for to become a celebrity-adjacent media darling. (A few examples: Eva Chen, Andre Leon Talley and Joanna Coles.) Right now, Laura Brown from InStyle is the one to watch.


Managed to forget that I made @kerrywashington sit on my lap. Such a quality girl, this one. #cfda

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