Sorry to Geminis but Keke Palmer does not f-ck with you. 


US Weekly has a story about Kirsten Stewart’s possible upcoming wedding but the details are vague, with a source saying “it could happen this year.” Well ya they are engaged, it could happen at any time. My priority here is seeing the outfits – will they both wear Chanel?

The podcast SmartLess was acquired for big money during the height of COVID and it makes sense that the hosts are also going back to their original job: TV. This clip will be of particular interest to Lainey because it’s about poop and I think Jason is being a little judgmental here because he goes first thing in the morning, which not everyone can do. He has pooping privilege.


Martha Stewart bragging about her Mercedes keeping her safe while wildfire smoke chokes New York is next level rich person, even for a woman who tweets at Apple to come pick up her iPad when it isn’t working.


Are certain dogs more photogenic than others? I think so. Kuma definitely knows her angles. 

Hate to start trouble (no I don’t, I LOVE it) but it appears, according to some observant fans, that Jeremy Allen White wore his wedding ring on his necklace during this photoshoot. In some clips he has it on and in other clips he does not. 


In an interview with Andy Cohen, Chelsea Handler talked about a threesome that turned into her having a dalliance with the third (behind the back of her then-boyfriend) and has a movie ever been made about this? I feel like it is a not uncommon story but not exactly rom-com territory either.


A very interesting lawsuit in the celebrity sprits market: Diddy is suing Diageo, alleging that the multinational liquor conglomerate has sidelined his brands Circo and DeLoen with racially discriminatory business practices, including limiting distribution to urban areas. Diageo has denied the allegations.