Justin Bieber has cancelled the remainder of his Justice tour after several stops and starts. Justin has struggled with touring before and committing to months (or years!) of shows is incredibly mentally and physically draining, as well as the financial pressure to perform so the machine keeps turning. A touring artist is a mini corporation. That’s why Vegas residencies, once considered the sign of a dying career, are so hot right now. All the benefits of touring without the grind. 


This morning Stephanie wrote about the continued drama between Kelsea Ballerini and Morgan Evans, a drama that is completely fueled by them dropping podcasts and songs and mini documentaries. It’s kind of giving me young Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert vibes. Both Blake and Miranda are happily married to different people now but their divorce was a big Nashville gossip story and like this situation, I don’t think either of them came out of it looking morally superior. Miranda was engaged (messy) but Blake was married when they met, which is much messier. Can you believe Blake Shelton used to be good for gossip? I’m glad he’s not anymore, for Gwen’s sake. 


The first reviews of Daisy Jones and the Six are dropping and it seems like Duana’s initial assessment was bang on. Big sigh.


Many years ago on Twitter, someone pointed out that Kermit the Frog is a hipster f-ck boy and I’ve never forgotten it. 


Mod Sun is in his feelings after Avril Lavigne broke up with him. This is definitely not the usual “we move on as best friends” statement we often get from celebrities, he’s really going through it. Like “cutting his own bangs over the bathroom sink” kind of heartbreak. 


Have you read the Ozempic article in New York Magazine? The online reaction is interesting, ranging from fascination to disgust to questioning whether or not these articles glorify disordered eating. Extreme weight loss techniques are not a new thing, in Hollywood or in general society, but I think Ozempic is touching a nerve because it can’t be cloaked in wellness language (like “clean eating” or “detox”). And I think the discussion around it can be triggering for some but not talking about this is harmful because we are all just supposed to act like this kind of rapid weight loss that we are seeing is totally healthy and normal. It’s always a balance because commenting on people’s individual bodies is not cool, but discussing the expectations we put on celebrities and the extremes they go to reach those expectations (be it diet drugs or steroids) seems increasingly necessary. (I’m including a photo of Chelsea Handler because she talked about briefly taking it. Also even though she’s not my favourite her very existence makes some men angry and I like that she pokes at them.)