Pamela Anderson attended the Versace show, as did Lily James. No word if they crossed paths but I’m sure Pamela would be gracious (she doesn’t seem capable of being mean to someone). It’s Lily who would feel awkward in that situation, right? As she should. So should Seth Rogen and Sebastian Stan, if they ever ran into her. Especially Seth. I think I’m most disappointed in him with the Pam & Tommy situation.

Pamela Anderson's Instagram story

Miley has dropped a new song and there’s speculation it’s about Liam Hemsworth cheating. I don’t know if the speculation is necessary because this is her scorched earth/healing post-divorce album, a staple of every kind of music (R&B, country, pop, rock – if you told me Bach was in his feelings when he wrote his symphonies I would believe it). 


There’s a development in the Peltz wedding drama as billionaire dad Nelson had his lawyers file to have his daughter Nicola and his wife Claudia removed from the lawsuit. He said they are trying to embarrass Nicola and using her name for tabloid recognition. The wedding planners released a statement to The Cut reiterating that the problem is indeed Nelson and his aggressive legal maneuvering that caused all of this. (Because he refuses to pay his tab.) I can bet Nicola wants this to go away quietly and she might be blaming the wedding planners because it’s easier to do that than blame the person who funds your life. 


This story about Pedro Pascal’s coffee order is cracking me up. He’s tired! But as someone who drinks coffee daily, I don’t think his order (iced quad espresso in a Venti cup with extra ice and six shots) is outrageous? So is this six shots total or the quad plus six? Either way he probably had a long night before and a long day ahead. When I need a perk, I get a shot in the dark. 


One of the most iconic entrances ever to be captured on film is Marion in her yellow sweater, busting in on her dad’s very serious talking head gig on BBC. She was followed by her little brother (assisted by a rolling walker) and their mom, who pulled them out by any means necessary (someone called the extraction “zero dark toddler” hahahaha). Last year Robert gave an update – Marion is 9 and I hope she busts into every room like that for the rest of her life with her brother bopping in behind her. (Also you know when someone goes viral for an adorable moment and then they end up being a Nazi paraphernalia collector or serial peeping Tom? Nothing like that here. Just a nice family.)


The Daily Mail has an “exclusive” guess that Harry and Meghan will attend the coronation. The Vegas odds are 2/1 for attending and 8/1 that the royal family will issue an apology beforehand. My guess: Harry will go alone and he will be included in statements of celebration. No Meghan, no Archie and Lilibet and no apology.