Nicola Peltz-Beckham is on the cover of Cosmopolitan (I checked the date and it’s from 2023, not 2003) talking again how there was no feud with Victoria and it’s “weird” people focused on it because “no one ever wants to write nice things.” So… the leak that said Nicola knows “real designers” and didn’t want her future mother-in-law involved is interesting, because it seems like no one around Nicola had anything nice to say. The not-niceness is coming from inside the house.


Jennifer Hudson wished Common a Happy Birthday and some are wondering if this is a soft launch. This got me thinking about Common, who has been linked to Erykah Badu, Taraji P. Henson, Serena Williams, and Tiffany Haddish. The man certainly likes very accomplished woman. Jennifer Hudson has reached EGOT status and he has EGO. If he ends up winning a Tony and they are together, they have to be the first couple of EGOT right? 


Blake Shelton is leaving The Voice and Adam Levine is ribbing him about it, this is their schtick. So these are two guys who I think seem closer than they are – Adam was not at Blake and Gwen’s wedding but Carson Daily was. I think Blake’s a very “mind my business” kind of guy so I wonder if he ever mentioned the sexting scandal to Adam or if he just didn’t want to get involved. If anything, I can picture him calling Adam a dumbass. Blake does not seem like someone who would sext a 21-year-old on Instagram and if he was I’d be very annoyed on Gwen’s behalf. 


Lindsay Lohan seems to be in a very good place in her career and her family (she is very quiet about her marriage, which is a good sign, and posted a onesie, which means a baby is on the way). There have always been people rooting for her and I hope her child does not have to see a set until they are at least 18. 


Jack Black and Kathy Griffin? Apparently she has spoken about this and I haven’t had a chance to look but I’m interested in learning more! 

I have a hot take on the Oscars in memoriam: it needs to be totally revamped. There is no rhyme or reason to who they include; if it’s too many actors, it’s unbalanced and unfair towards the dozens of other roles in film. If an actor is missed, it’s an uproar on social media. I don’t know the solution but there has to be a better way!


Salma Hayek attends a lot of high-profile events and has access to an endless rotation of couture and while she always looks great, this robe shirt (or jacket?) with the hood is amazing. I wish she had chosen this for the Oscars so we could see more of it.