Ariana Madix has posted. Thank you all for your emails about Vanderpump Rules. Where do we go from here? To the reunion, which is filming soon. Chills. (Also, Lukas Gage – a huge Bravo fan – spilled some tea on the Keep It! podcast. That means he has run in the same circles as the VP Rules cast and still keeps ties. You know his group chat is sick.)


Speaking of attention economy, Diplo was on EmRata’s podcast and talked about getting head from a guy but it wasn’t gay because they didn’t make eye contact. A headline made for Twitter. 


One Tree Hill does not have a warm and fuzzy legacy thanks to the work of Sophia Bush and Hilarie Burton and many others who have spoken out against showrunner Mark Schwahn. In a recent conversation, Burton mentioned a time when Chad Michal Murray stood up for her against Mark and why he was able to do that. As Sophia Bush points out, he was number one on the call sheet but even in that scenario, it was a CW show and he definitely had more power than the women… but he was still replaceable. Most TV actors are, even the very big ones, which is a dynamic that helps showrunners like Schwahn thrive. But back to CMM: this is the second positive anecdote I’ve heard about him (the other was in Busy Philipps’s book). As we continually re-examine the pitfalls of early aughts fame (Chad would have been in his mid-20s when he hit his highest level of fame), is there room for a Chad-aissance?


So Ashton Kutcher is moving from crypto to AI without skipping a beat. Interesting. 


Speaking of skipping, Guy Oseary and Madonna usually host a post-Oscars party but this year she is preparing for a tour so it makes sense to put that on pause. Also, Guy (who does a bunch of investing alongside Ashton) was big into NFTs and got a bunch of celebrities involved before it crashed and burned. I wonder how popular he is right now. 


I’m cutting out early today as I’m on an early flight to LA and about to board but I feel like this look by Hailee Steinfeld (styled by who else but Law Roach!!!!) is spectacular. Is she underrated? Maybe it’s because we live in an attention economy but I feel like she does good work and isn’t messy so doesn’t make headlines. She’s 26 and seems to have managed her fame well, as in we don’t hear much about her.