Gwyneth Paltrow appeared on a podcast and talked about her bone broths and fasting and cleansing and people have a lot to say. I follow her pretty closely, so I have seen her patterns over the years (right now she’s Paleo), and there’s two things here: should she eat however she wants and feels is healthy? Yes. But, as someone who has built a lifestyle brand, does her advice carry different weight than a regular celebrity? Also yes. Being an influencer means she influences people, that’s the whole point of the job! That’s why she ties in her personal diet to products she sells and promotes. And that’s what makes the whole conversation so sticky. 


One point people brought up, and I have thought about this myself, is the cleansing. If a person doesn’t eat carbs or grains or legumes or nightshades or sugar and doesn’t drink caffeine or alcohol… what are they cleansing from? (Also, the science on cleansing is extremely dubious.)


I had no idea Malcom McDowell and Mary Steenburgen were married but I am not surprised to learn he says she is lovely and so is Ted. (Mary and Malcolm have two children – one of whom is married to Lily Collins-  and share grandchildren and are set to work together again.) “Protect them at all cost” is a social media saying but seriously, Mary and Ted? I don’t even want to put that idea out into the universe, even though Larry David already has. It was a whole storyline on the show – Ted and Mary play themselves and in the Curb Your Enthusiasm world, are divorced. (That takes a lot of confidence!)Ted as the much-loved foil to Larry’s grumpy social ineptness is truly one of the great comedy bits of all time. (This photo is old but look how cute.)


Two reality TV updates: first is that Raquel (aka Rachel) is refusing to film Vanderpump Rules and my goodness, what a mistake. If she has decided to quit the whole business, then fine. But if she wants to continue on her terms, she is pissing off the production company and Bravo. Her only way past it is through it. That’s show business, baby!


Chrishell Stause, who is making habit of talking out of her ass a bit on social media, took to her Instagram stories to call the producers of her show snake and trash – she even tagged some of them. When will reality stars learn that they should never, ever toy with producers – they have complete control over the edit. She is due for a villain season and she is either grossly overestimating her power in this situation or underestimating how savvy fans are. Selling Sunset is manufactured?! No you don’t say. 

Nahla Aubry is 15! I can’t be alone in wondering, how is this possible?! In my mind, she’s like 7. Halle posted a rare current photo (flip to last slide).


One thing that people don’t tell you about having kids is that you may not blow out your own birthday candles until those children hit puberty and possibly lose interest. And if you’re a grandparent? Forget it. Kurt got his wish in (gently covering her mouth gave him a few extra seconds).