Ben and Jen have once again dropped out of escrow on a property – this one was a $64 million Pacific Palisades home (for those keeping track, it’s the third time they’ve done this). Like I said before, this is a huge commitment so obviously everything about the house needs to be perfect but I wonder if maybe they need to consider buying a piece of property and building exactly what they want because the houses on the market aren’t cutting it. 


The “what Gwyneth Paltrow (doesn’t) eat” conversation continues, mostly on TikTok. We have discussed her beliefs endlessly and maybe that’s the problem – we are putting way too much stock in what one very wealthy and privileged white woman believes! In a recent Q&A she posted on her Instagram story, she said this is her journey with her doctor, she has long Covid and this is what has helped her. Readers know this is her pattern. From the Medical Medium (who is not a doctor!) to Dr. Junger who helped with the Goop vitamin line to Dr. Cole (her latest obsession), she monetizes her little health experiments. You can go all the way back to 2013 when she talks about chronic issues and detoxing and trace how her personal stories nearly always lead to a product for Goop. The path to being healthy is not linear but when you tie that into wellness, “sickness” (in all forms) is good for business. The industry relies on there always being something wrong, particularly with women, yet outlets (like Goop) do very little to push forward the conversation on tangible systemic issues, like parental leave or universal healthcare in the US. The focus is always on the individual solution and that solution always costs money.


I was in LA earlier this week and nearly every family on the plane was heading to Disneyland because it’s spring break for many. When celebrities like Leighton Meester and Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo post at Disneyland, I wonder why they would brave it at this time. It’s insanely crowded (the Disney blogs track numbers and it’s a code red situation). If money and commute is not an issue (they already live in LA), why not go on an off day? Or is the crowd part of the experience? 


A little adult contemporary comedy set in New York City with Julia Louis-Dreyfus (as a flailing writer) and Tobias Menzies (as a flailing therapist) is just what we need. Charm is missing from a lot of movies and these two are charming.

Dana Carvey said he would be up for a Wayne’s World reunion and honestly, it’s not a bad idea to see what Wayne and Garth are like grown up. I really hope neither of them is red pilled. Slightly concerned that Wayne is QAnon.  


Oprah and Gayle and Salma Hayek were in Jordan (I don’t think they were all traveling together) but does this mean Jordan is now the go-to spot for the mega rich? Let’s guess who will travel there next: Barry Diller and Diane von Furstenberg or Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez. 


Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth are getting chastised a bit for sharing this photo and some people are calling it “violent” and “unsafe.” A big stretch, in my opinion. Some kids (especially at age nine) would consider a cake smash the highlight of their day.