Armie Hammer was a panicked restaurant manager for a few minutes after the small place he stopped into for lunch received a call from a more important customer (Halle Berry; apparently even LA restaurants adhere to the celebrity hierarchy). If this were a rom-com meet-cute, which we don’t get enough of anymore, the real restaurant owner would have some kind of emergency that has to be immediately tended too – like a small kitchen fire or his wife going into labour across town – and can’t deliver the food to A-list actress Halle Berry. But his business is struggling and his wife is in labour, his family needs this order! So he turns to his only customer (Armie Hammer, not famous in this version of the story) and begs him to do it. Hilarity and love ensues. 



In the comments, Olivia says she’s been adopted by Vancouver (she spends a lot of time filming in the city). I wonder what she thinks of the dating scene. I live in Vancouver, and every single woman I know says the dating scene sucks.


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I’ve avoided writing about this because I get nervous about musicals (I’m scared to get the details wrong and incur the wrath of theatre nerds). But Ben Platt posted a video of his West Side Story audition, and so has Naya Rivera. I find them both impressive.


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Lindsay Lohan is indeed working with, which she teased a few weeks ago. This means she followed through on a project. (She also did the UK miniseries Sick Note.) Is it a comeback? Not as we know it. But not all comebacks are Iron Man. And remember before Iron Man, RDJ was fired by Ally McBeal, which was supposed to be his big comeback. But the problem with Lindsay hasn’t ever been the talent, or charisma, or public interest – at the core, there’s been a problem with her work ethic. Can that be fixed?


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I scrolled through THR’s 25 Top Stylists in Hollywood 2018 list to scan the top looks section – I do indeed remember almost all of those looks. And I wonder if stylists who were left off, like Brad Goreski, are upset. I would be so salty about it (especially if I had made the list in previous years, which he has). But right now, his most high-profile clients are Kaley Cuoco, Lea Michele and Jenna Dewan. That kind of typical red carpet dressing (gowns and sparkle) is not that notable anymore. Safe. Pretty. But not powerful. And it’s not just Brad –check out 2013, which was just 5 years ago, and there’s quite a turnover in rank.


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Jennifer Garner has reached peak dork and it is incredible. 


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