Vanity Fair is THE publication to spill it all to after divorce (see Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Garner) and I can understand why. There’s fairness to the reporting but it’s not so fluffy and PR sanctioned that it comes off like a PEOPLE cover. It is legacy reporting on the real A-listers, not mixed in with stories about pets and reality stars. Another reason I think it works is because there’s a balance to the storytelling - the celebrity knows the journalist  (in this case, the awesome Michelle Ruiz) is not out to burn them or their ex (which is important for co-parents). It also helps draw a line under the divorce, like it finalizes the conversation and they don’t have to talk about it again. 


A new nepo baby has entered the chat! Romy Mars, daughter of Thomas Mars and Sofia Coppola, is making headlines for this TikTok in which she talks about being grounded for trying to charter a helicopter on her dad’s credit card, holding a Grammy, admitting to not knowing the difference between an onion and garlic (while cutting into a shallot) and talking about… being a nepo baby who isn’t allowed on social media. I think it’s hilarious performance art and Romy knows what she’s doing. Also, the cameo from the babysitter’s boyfriend (because her parents are “never home”) and Ari the dog are just storytelling. She is a Coppola!!!!


Wendy McLendon-Covey (who I think is f-cking hilarious and underrated) was on Andy Cohen’s radio show and the topic of Jeff Garlin being fired from The Goldbergs was brought up. She said that it was a “long time coming” and per PEOPLE, "I feel like the less people know about [Garlin's allegations], the better," she told Cohen. "No one, no one benefits from knowing anything." There’s often huffing and puffing with this kind of statement and a woman’s responsibility to warn everyone about a sex pest but the thing is, the people who worked with him went through the proper channels, something naysayers are always saying women should do (“why didn’t you report it?” is the first thing people say when allegations like this come out). He was reported and there was a three year investigation and he was fired. So why should she put herself in the line of fire, personally and professionally, to continue talking about it? Any showrunner who wants the information can google it. That’s not on Wendy. Jeff has moved on and will be working on Never Have I Ever and there’s always Curb Your Enthusiasm (not sure if that’s in production). Larry David would never fire Jeff, at least not over this.


Like Cara Delevingne, Bella Hadid is speaking publicly about her new sobriety. They both have every reason to be proud of themselves and I hope that their journey is a private one. Not because it’s a secret, but because like Ben Affleck talked about in his profile, there’s not a lot of grace to being a famous sober person. Paps consider “catching” a sober celebrity on a slip-up a good day and TikTok accounts endlessly pick over behaviour and body language, often coming up with ungenerous conclusions based on nothing but speculation.