Last week Lainey wrote about a Tom Cruise story in the Daily Mail, noting the oddness of a “source close to Katie” going to the DM of all places. I agree, the story has no new information and doesn’t suit either side to leak it. More to that, there are online rumours (from shady sources) that Will Smith has reached out to Tom for help and Tom won’t take his calls. So, is Tom Cruise someone to reach out to for career help? Actually yes, just ask Todd Field (this is a great anecdote). 


Tom loves the pictures and I think he recognizes the importance of big stars like Will Smith and would be motivated to help. The only basis for rejection I can think of is if Will had been declared an SP (suppressive person) by the church. There were always rumours that Will and Jada dabbled with Scientology. Still, the story doesn’t feel very solid. Why all the bad Tom Cruise intel right now?


Adam Levine and Maroon 5 have started their Vegas residency with Adam shouting out his family. He’s been keeping a low profile since TikTok got his ass but looking back, it’s a very minor scandal and could have been much worse. Sumner Stroh did not produce any evidence of physical cheating or pictures, just a few relatively tame DMs. Considering how many sex pests and cheating scandals there are, the whole thing was more cringe than shocking. (Sumner has since taken her videos down and has posted that she bought a house, so maybe it’s not that she doesn’t have evidence, but she was financially motivated not to use it. We don’t know.) The story would have gone away much more quickly if not for the baby naming bit. He f-cked up good with that part. 


Many of The West Wing cast met for dinner and I have no idea if the reboot is happening or not but can you imagine this group trying to contend with insurrectionists and QAnon Congress members? Imagine the Aaron Sorkin soliloquy on “Let’s Go Brandon.” 


The Kardashians are putting their 2.0 plan into play starting with Kim preparing a North West line of kids’ products. This explains the increase in social media for North and while it’s extremely messed up to capitalize on minors this way (especially when they want for nothing!), it’s surprising that it took them this long when there are child YouTubers already marketing toy lines.