Months back, it was reported that Karlie Kloss purchased i-D magazine (unclear if she bought it alone or with part of an investment group, which is the case with W Magazine). Puck News’s Lauren Sherman (very reliable and a great follow for inside baseball media reporting) has the scoop on layoffs at i-D. A new owner coming in and “cleaning house” so to speak is not a new thing in media.


I’ve been through many layoffs myself and have also been working as a freelancer with editors who are abruptly let go. The people who assign, write, and shape your favourite stories are very disposable to owners. The overreaching reason is money, obviously, but there’s also a baseline disrespect for creatives. We see it now in film too; executive creative talent is not special to pay top dollar for and they think anyone can write, anyone can create viral content. That is not true, which is why once core teams are let go the publications nosedive. Deadspin. The new Gawker. MTV News (which was excellent in its prime – Ira Madison hive rise up!). There are countless publications ruined by a “pivot to video” or gutting the newsroom and keeping a few interns on to run one or two verticals. I assume Karlie is going into this with a plan – she did keep two of the top editors. I hope that plan is not video. No more video!


Speaking of video, this one done right, I saw a funny post from an editor I’ve worked with who has now switched to advertising and her clients ask her for something “low key, like the Vogue videos.”


Look at the About section beneath this video. There are dozens of people that work on these shoots and in post-production, and this doesn’t even include the celeb’s team. Same with the excellent Vanity Fair videos. The reason they are so good is because they take talent and money and staff. These aren’t YouTube reaction skits.





I’m catching up on Curb Your Enthusiasm and there’s one episode where J.B. Smooth had me crying. He is a character that you think wouldn’t work (why does he follow Larry house to house? Does Larry pay all of his living expenses?) but when we think of how many Curb storylines mirror Seinfeld, you see the idea of Kramer in him. He is the friend who pops up at the right time. And I think with a lot of things on Curb, it’s just who Larry likes hanging out with on set. When he laughs at Leon’s jokes, I believe he’s really laughing. 


Here’s a profile of J.B. by Jason Diamond for Vulture

ARO (American Riviera Orchard) has expanded its trademark application to gardening, yoga, skin care, scents and pets, amongst other things. I don’t necessarily think this is a hint of what’s to come, it’s just legally covering all of the bases for the trademark. I think she will launch with food/kitchen. The “when” is still a question. My hunch is June.