Callum Turner is all over my Instagram feed right now, mainly because of Dua Lipa. He also has a profile in Vanity Fair. It’s a lot of “next big thing” talk, kind of the same way there was around Joe Alwyn. The unspoken bit is that both men benefit from their pop star girlfriends. This isn’t a knock – it’s a tough business and relationships (yes, real ones) are constantly leveraged for press, which translates to hype, which can translate to opportunities. 


They are making the most out of it, without blatantly making the most out of it, you know?


It seems like we’ve seen less of Michael B. Jordan since his split from Lori Harvey. Or maybe I am just looking for him less? He popped up on Sesame Street and yes, he looks good. 


There’s conflicting reports about Euphoria’s third season – has it been called off, delayed or is it going as planned? I don’t know. The major players (including Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney and Colman Domingo) seem game to go back and finish the job. But, Sam Levinson did not run a tight ship, with frequent delays and rewrites holding up production. With a cast this extremely booked and busy, how can they commit to filming dates when there’s no production schedule?


One common opinion shared by many former child stars, even the ones that had good experiences, is that they would never allow their own children to do that job. This is something we hear over and over, from Drew Barrymore to Natalie Portman to Frankie Muniz. Come to think of it, there aren’t a lot of nepo baby child stars on Disney or Nickelodeon shows. 


Ariana Madix is rumoured to be the new host of Love Island USA (one show I don’t watch but need to!) and people were wondering about Sarah Hyland. This story Sarah posted is confusing to me – she says she got a text but then also says she’s committed to another project and there’s a scheduling conflict. So by text, does she mean they let her go or she found out she’s being replaced? Because if she committed to something else, it’s more like she left. Also, could this be a temporary replacement? And I won’t hear Ariana slander, she’s been a Love Island superfan forever. (Click here for Steph's take in Reality Recap)

Sarah Hyland's Instagram story

Lainey has a great piece about Justin Timberlake chasing relevance and at the nail salon the other day, the video for “4 Minutes” was playing on TV. At the time, Madonna’s ability chart was shaky and she turned to working with a hot duo (Justin and Timbaland). Now I’m not comparing the two careers – Madonna has decades of hits and beyond that, has deeply influenced the way women pop stars create eras in albums. It’s just interesting how cyclical it all is.