There’s a new LA Times profile about Drew Barrymore written by Amy Kaufman and it’s a forthright look at how her talk show has been both a personal, post-divorce pandemic project for her and unexpected pop culture hit for CBS. 


The thing with Drew Barrymore is that she finds a way: her team retooled the format after low ratings in the first season and as she’s doing that on the work side of her life, she was also doing it on the personal side with drinking and navigating her family life, mom guilt and leading a team. It’s a testament to how she keeps moving, like Cameron Daiz told Kaufman, “You can’t even comprehend how hard it was to be her as a child, and then she shot out the other end with the ability to save herself.” 


January Jones is making headlines for her take on taped auditions, saying the process needs to go back to in-person interaction. She is not the only one to take this stance as Sarah Ramos breaks down the difficulty of auditioning on tape and how much time and effort it takes to make a good tape that a casting director might not even watch. I see both of their points and how frustrating it must be to create something that might not even be watched but I wonder if there are other actors who audition a lot and appreciate not having to run all over LA. 


Bill Hader talked to Variety about the final season of Barry (and there’s a spoiler if you haven’t finished season three. But if you haven’t – why not?!). He talks about how SNL prepared him for Barry, his role as a star/director and why reshoots are a good thing. 


Hugh Jackman showed off his Wolverine meal prep and I’m curious how many days/meals this covers. 


Melayna covered the new Chris Rock stand-up special and as many reviews pointed out, his focus on Jada is unsettling. Sources from Jada’s camp also spoke about it to PEOPLE, noting that Chris has been “obsessed” with her for years. Chris has made some brilliant stand-up specials but after his divorce, his humour pushed more into “man yells at cloud” territory, especially as he fussed about paying alimony and cheating on his wife less than he could have (he even bragged about hooking up with a member of Destiny’s Child – NOT Beyoncé).


Cole Sprouse is on Call Her Daddy and he’s smoking, which is very surprising because celebrities are careful not to be photographed smoking (except Ben Affleck). I can’t remember the last time I saw a person smoke in an interview that wasn’t a clip from like The Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson. Cole Sprouse is in his Rat Pack phase.

The New York Times has covered the Vanderpump Rules Scandoval. We did it Joe.